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Discover Learning Center -
Preschoolers (3+ years)

Preparing Your Child for Kindergarten
Preschoolers are all potty trained and ready to conquer the world! This is the setting for fun
and learning where children can be independent and exercise a variety of personal, social and
emotional skills. We also encourage problem solving, cognitive as well as symbolic thinking,
math concepts and logistics. Challenging toys and materials promote planning, problem solving,
concepts of physics and creative thinking. Art projects promote creativity and self-expression
while music instructs our preschoolers in learning musical concepts through songs. Games in
literacy and language arts are encouraged at this stage. Our preschoolers are introduced to Fun
with Phonics, an early reading program. At this stage, children are very curious and eager to
discover and master new skills.

Our preschool program is broken up into separate programs according to chronological age and
developmental stages. We believe that how children learn is as important as what they learn;
therefore we have an innovative and exciting preschool curriculum.

Fostering Your Preschooler's Love of Learning

The Preschool classroom at Discover Learning Center daycare is designed to help your child become a part of a learning community, where they not only build skills vital to success in kindergarten, but also respect for others and a sense of confidence. In designated areas throughout our safe learning environment, your preschooler will engage in a range of activities geared to prepare them for kindergarten and life beyond.

Discover Learning Center

Our curriculum incorporates journals and portfolios to encourage communication through drawing and writing. And, your preschooler will also learn important social skills in our Preschooler Program. The typical daily structure for your preschooler might include: